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Energy Solutions Group operates in the USA and has partnered up with Abdullatif Al-Arfaj & Brothers Holding Co. to operate in KSA as well. Al-Arfaj Group, formed in 1980, has a track record of more than 25 years with diversified business interests.The Group has since evolved into a leading service-oriented organization;It has introduced many new quality products, as well as innovative services and advanced technologies to the country. Collectively our team has over 100 years of experience in energy and sustainable innovations aimed at our communities

We have achieved technological developments that are energy efficient, and we continue to improve by emerging innovative technologies to help make our world a better habitable place. We achieve that by developing new products that cut energy costs and reduce carbon emissions; utilizing our “Best in Class” energy solutions provide exceptional results for businesses, households, industries and the economy as a whole. ESG has partnered up with multiple industries and companies to ensure providing only the most innovative technology available that provide the best-proven results

Energy Solutions Group is thrilled to be a part of the environmental revolution through the design, manufacturing and installation of a wide range of energy efficiency products. We deploy proven solutions that make a difference in your Bottom Line payments immediately. We Are Committed to sustaining our planet for our children and future generations. The team at Energy Solutions Group works tirelessly to inform local communities of the benefits that can be gained from reducing their carbon footprint. We are proud, not only to help save our customer’s money, but also to contribute to a greener society

Renewable Energy SolutionsCompany Structure


Our vision is to leave a sustainable world for future generations


Our mission is to provide an interoperable standard technology that is self-powered and sustainable. We strive to ensure our products are of the highest possible quality and performance


Design and Calculations

Our team provides excellent lighting designs with accurate calculations to manifest your ideas of reality.

Energy Saving Solutions

We develop innovative solutions for our customers that help them save energy, save money and have them join the journey of saving the planet.


Our experienced team will give you counsel; providing you with the most efficient designs, products and models for your projects.

3D Modelling/Testing

Our professional team of engineers is determined to provide 3D-modelling and commisions to the highest accuracy. Our team also ensures that all our products and systems are perfectly installed with no errors.

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